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Fond farewell at SeAngle

FRIENDS of Çatalköy expats Sue and Trev Harrison bid a fond farewell to the couple before their return to the UK on Wednesday.

Fond farewell at SeAngle

Last Friday some 14 people gathered at the SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy to wish Mr and Mrs Harrison a happy future in the UK, where a new-born granddaughter awaits them. The couple have lived in the TRNC permanently for five years after buying their Çatalköy home 10 years ago.

Despite some tears, the night featured a karaoke as friendships were toasted. Mrs Harrison said: “It was a very pleasant gathering which we thank our friends for organising and also for being there with us.

“We are leaving the country for a very positive reason, not because we don’t love it, because we do.” The venue’s John Redgate said: “We reminded them of the friends they have and will be leaving behind in the TRNC.”

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