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World premiere of 'Missing Fetine' at 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

Cypriot-made documentary 'Missing Fetine' will have its world premiere at the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival this weekend.

World premiere of 'Missing Fetine' at 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

Photo: Tetraktys Films

The documentary follows Australian born Turkish Cypriot Pembe Mentesh, who sets out to find out the fate of her great aunt Fetine, who was forced into marriage at a young age with a Palestinian and never saw her family or homeland again. Fetine’s plight, and that of a thousand other Muslim Cypriot girls who left under similar circumstances, is explored when Pembe begins the search for her missing relative.

Some 4,000 Turkish Cypriot girls were “sold” to Arab men between the 1920s and 1950s, when the island was stricken with poverty.

Produced by Tetraktys Films, and written and directed by Yeliz Shukri, the film will be one of 180 feature and 48 short documentary films by directors around the world to be screened at the event in Greece. Missing Fetine will be screened on Sunday and Monday.

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Missing Fetine Trailer from Tetraktys Films on Vimeo.

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