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EU’s unhappy new year

Colonel John  Hughes-Wilson

Colonel John Hughes-Wilson

EU’s unhappy new year

  • 08.01.2019

“Fog in Channel — Continent Cut Off” was a famous headline before the First World War.
However, it still captures the deep-rooted insularity of the British.
This attitude towards Europe has skewed Britons’ understanding of Brexit; because Britain’s decision to leave the EU doesn’t just affect the UK.
Britons tend to forget that it also came as a shock to the 27 remaining EU countries and, above all, to the unaccountable, corrupt Commission with its feather-bedded officials, living well on foreign taxpayers’ money.
Commission dreams of “The Project” and unstoppable progress towards “ever closer union” and a “United States of Europe” have come badly off the rails since 2016.
It is time therefore to examine just what Brexit means for Britain’s European partners and how Britain’s departure is viewed from the Continent.
It is not a happy scene...

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