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Owner: I did not abuse Mira

THE WOMAN at the centre of a canine “custody” court case has rejected claims that she “abused” her two-year-old French bulldog.

Owner: I did not abuse Mira

In a statement issued via lawyers, Ayşen Kanburoğlu said she was “on holiday” after state veterinarians who turned up at her Girne apartment the previous week to take the dog into temporary care found no-one at home.

The dog, called Mira, had been recently returned to Ms Kanburoğlu despite ongoing legal proceedings, sparking protests from animal lovers which led to an interim court order.

They had demanded the pet be handed back to carer Sevinç Tozduman until the case was concluded.

She had taken in the “Frenchie” after a video posted to YouTube last June appeared to show Ms Kanburoğlu striking the dog several times on her balcony.

An online petition calling on the authorities to protect Mira from “violence” has received almost 10,000 signatures.

“I have committed a crime. I am not saying that I am innocent. I have not gone anywhere [overseas]. I am on holiday somewhere on the island with my daughter,” Ms Kanburoğlu said in her statement.

She did not deny that she had acted violently against the dog, but said she had only used a “soft slipper” to hit it.

She said that following last year’s incident, Girne Municipality vets had carried out three days of checks on the dog but found no evidence of abuse.

Ms Kanburoğlu claimed that “a member of the Golden Paws Association” had then refused to hand the dog back “because they were going to breed” from the bitch.

She said Mira then gave birth to three puppies before she had reached maturity, alleging they were then “sold for between 300 and 500 euros each”.

She also claimed that the dog was in “poor health” when she received it back.

Meanwhile Ms Tozduman and other animal rights campaigners stepped up their campaign with a march in Girne on Wednesday demanding “justice for Mira”. They left a black wreath outside the town’s police headquarters after the force had said they could not intervene because Ms Kanburoğlu had not been formally notified of the court decision.

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