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Stop the cruelty against the birds

Cyprus Today Opinion

Cyprus Today Opinion

Stop the cruelty against the birds

  • 11.10.2017

A MEDITERRANEAN death trap for European migratory songbirds could soon be eliminated in Sovereign Base Areas by using a high tech drone and surveillance technology to provide damning evidence for the conviction of poachers.

Years of protests and campaigns, the intervention of Prince Charles and a petition to the British Government last year called for action on illegal acacia plantations and the cruel, industrial-scale culling of millions of birds using nets, limesticks and decoy calls on SBA land.

Action is also largely due to courageous actions of the German Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) activists, who have consistently risked their personal safety to take down equipment when others were loath to confront a militant community of poachers in the Larnaca area.

Concerns must now be raised that effective action in the South may see a rise in trapping herein North Cyprus for this illegal but lucrative trade.

Convictions are notoriously difficult to obtain as offenders must be caught red-handed.

How could 30 metres of mist nets be set up with decoy birdsong tape equipment near an army camp on the northern edge of the buffer zone near Gazimağusa without being detected?

Surely those on guard duty must have noticed something?

CABS activists are famous for their upfront tactics but were advised against taking down illegal equipment so close to the border, but rather to rely on local police.

A large car parked in plain sight in the middle of the night just 50 metres from illegal nets is not likely to encourage a savvy poacher to return at dawn for the spoils.

TRNC activists could likely follow the CABS example and become more militant in their mission to stop the cruelty

The TRNC Hunting Federation successfully staked out a well-known forest area near the Karpaz village of Çayırova and handed over offender to the police.

They took no chances and acquired the proof themselves to ensure that action would be taken.


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