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Roll on Christmas!

İpek Özerim

İpek Özerim

Roll on Christmas!

  • 08.01.2019

It’s been a long year and I for one cannot wait until the festive break starts so life can slow down and allow me to focus on the things that matter: to catch up with loved ones and to eat, drink and be merry!

On that note, here’s a little bit of fun to test out how much you’ve been paying attention to the news:

1) According to the TRNC Finance Ministry, which individual paid the most tax on their income in 2017?
a) Günay Çerkez b) Mustafa Hacı Ali c) Tahir Topal.

2) The TRNC general election in January resulted in a four-way coalition. Which of these parties is in Parliament, but not in government?
a) HP (People’s Party) b) TDP (Social Democratic Party) c) YDP (Rebirth Party).

3) A shortage of chicken in February led to which famous chain temporarily closing some of its restaurants in Britain, resulting in a flood of calls to 999 for help?
a) KFC b) McDonald’s c) Nando’s.

For more see Cyprus Today... In shops or on PressReader.

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