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Shame on the BBC

Stephen  Day

Stephen Day

Shame on the BBC

  • 04.09.2017

IT'S bad enough having to sit through endless BBC news broadcasts that cannot resist prefixing the words "in spite of Brexit" to every piece of recent good news about Britain's economy, but when they devote a whole programme to rubbishing our past, you cannot think other than that they have completely lost the plot. 
Last week the BBC doom merchants even surpassed their own proud efforts in putting Britain down at every opportunity. They devoted hours of TV time to the 70th anniversary of the independence of the Indian subcontinent from the British Empire and its partition into the countries of India and Pakistan. Don't get me wrong;in itself, there was nothing wrong with that. It was how the BBC did it.
In the months immediately prior to Indian independence and afterwards, thousands of Indian Muslims and Hindus died at each other's hands and thousands more were displaced from their homes. The religious conflict was brutal and savage. Analysing that reign of terror was justified. What was wrong, was how a whole Newsnight "discussion" was devoted to laying the blame squarely at the feet of the British. 
Next day, newspaper columnist Stephen Glover was so incensed, he described it as "the greatest act of self flagellation" he had ever witnessed. How true. It was a biased farce. At one point, the Newsnight presenter, responding to a Pakistani "expert's" condemnation of the whole concept of "Empire", said: "Well, there can be no defence of the British Empire, can there?" No there couldn't, not on that programme anyway. The BBC had characteristically omitted to invite anybody to do so. To say I was furious would be the understatement of the year. I was steaming.
Let us be quite clear: the Indian subcontinent was never united in the whole of its pre-British history. Large parts of it were once ruled by the great Mogul Empire, but the rest of it was a host of authoritarian mini-states, constantly warring against each other and usually along religious lines. Only the arrival of the British put the lid on that for almost 200 years. As soon as we said we were leaving, it erupted again. 
Britain could be accused of leaving India in haste, but that is all. Newsnight did precisely that, seeming to think that Empire was so terrible we should have stayed longer. (There's BBC logic for you.) Despite British efforts to keep the subcontinent united on independence, the leaders of the Indian Muslim and Hindu communities themselves [start itals] demanded [end itals] partition. That is what they got and that is where the seeds of terrible intercommunal strife were sown and revisited on the innocents. To listen to the BBC, you would never have guessed it. 
The BBC apparently think that Indians hated the Empire so much, hundreds of thousands of them joined the British Indian Army, and fought against [start itals] real [end itals] tyranny, in two World Wars. Most Indians willingly collaborated with British rule, or simply lived with it. Many even helped administer it, in India, Africa and the Far East. Had they not done so, British India would have died long before it did. 
Yes, there were periods when Britain's Imperial record was flawed and the Empire exploited, but on the plus side (which for the BBC doesn't exist) it spread commerce, the rule of law, parliamentary democracy and stability around the world. It founded the whole economic concept of what we now call globalisation.
In the early days, Britain undeniably profited from slavery (as did half the world throughout history) but it was the first Empire to voluntarily stamp it out. Without Empire there would have been no US, no Canada, no Australia, no New Zealand, no South Africa, no India, no Pakistan and no Commonwealth, that great family of nations that brings continents, religions, cultures, laws, races, parliaments and leaders together from across the world. They remain Britain's allies, friends and major trading partners. How the hell does the BBC think Britain could have survived Hitler and Japan without the willing sacrifice of all these children of Empire?
India is now the world's largest democracy and a coming super-power. It is stable and free. It's wealth is being built on the railways, institutions of law, armed forces and democracy our nation bequeathed them and which they have embraced. Empire has gone and rightly so. It's day is done, but that should not mean we have to be ashamed of its overall legacy. If anybody should be ashamed, it's the BBC for deliberately warping our history.


Denying the truth

YOU may never have heard of her, but Sarah Champion is a very brave and honest lady, not afraid to stand up for the innocent victims of so called "sex grooming gangs". As Labour MP for Rotherham, she knows all about the politically correct attitudes that pervaded the authorities in her constituency and which condemned innocent young victims to decades of sexual abuse because nobody dare tackle the problem for fear of "offending" one particular "community". 
Since then, similar "sex grooming gangs" have come before the British courts, most recently in Newcastle. She spoke out and told a great truth that no-one else was willing to admit. She wrote that Britain has a problem "with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls". Who can truthfully say that it doesn't? How the hell can you tackle a problem if you deny its very nature? Answer? You can't. Did she blame the whole Pakistani community or all Pakistani men? No she didn't. She merely accurately identified a racialist view held by many Pakistani men, that young white girls are "trash".
Was Ms Champion rewarded for freely identifying the nature of the problem? Don't be daft: of course she wasn't. When Labour MP Naz Shah (Bradford West) accused her of stigmatising the Pakistani community with "blanket, racialised and loaded statements", along came Jeremy Corbyn to praise Naz Shah and accuse Champion of "Nazi-like terminology". He then forced her out of her front-bench post.
What about the victims of the child grooming gangs that Ms hampion has spent years campaigning for? What about future victims? No wonder the UK "has a problem".


There is hope

YET another slaughter of the innocents by Islamic extremists has brought wicked, cold-blooded mayhem to a European city. Barcelona has joined the list of the defiled. However, hope does exist. While visiting the UK last week I witnessed young British Muslims handing out messages of peace and quoting the words of the Prophet, saying terror has no place in his teachings. Their slogan? "Love for all, hatred for none." I proudly shook their hands. God bless them.

Newcomers guide

HERE are a few questions about the TRNC that new arrivals have asked me:
Q: "What about road safety?" A: "No need to worry, there isn't any."
Q: "Do they drive on the same side of the road as us"? A:"Sometimes."
Q: "What about crossing the road?" A: "Don't."
Q: "Why does no-one walk on the pavements?" A: "They're for parking on."
Q: "Where are the beautiful mountains I've heard about?" A: "Behind those skyscrapers or where the quarry now is." 
Q: "Where's the beach"? A: "Under those new hotels.”
Q: "What about buying a house"? A: "How long have you got?” 
Q: "Why are Brits who live here called 'ancient'?” A: "Take a good look at me."
Q: "How long have you lived here?" A: "Refer to my previous answer."
Q: "What do you love most about the TRNC?” A: "Everything."
Q: "Am I getting confused?" A: "No more than I am."
Q: "Folk say you used to be an MP. Were you?” A: "What a shame you asked, we were getting on so well."
Q: "Did you know Margaret Thatcher?" A: "Yes, now, can you see this scar . . . ?"
Q: "So you were a politician! I see. Is there anybody else we could talk to?” 

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