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Back to the Future

Tom Roche

Tom Roche

Back to the Future

  • 08.01.2019

It’s traditional at this time to offer a few forecasts about the coming year.
It’s a game I am particularly wary of playing, as gazers into the crystal ball of Cyprus know only too well how murky it can be.

There are some aspects of life here that are thoroughly predictable. For example, every winter we get torrential rain and every time, parts of our main towns are swamped as if an Indian monsoon had swept through.

Hands — and towels — are wrung, and it’s all swiftly forgotten.

I can also confidently offer that it’s going to be a long hot summer! But enough of the Michael Fish impersonation.

Apart from the weather, what might we expect? Unfortunately it looks like we are heading for yet another round of the most futile game since non-stop family Monopoly; the Talks...

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