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The gasman cometh

Tom Roche

Tom Roche

The gasman cometh

  • 24.01.2019

I have written about her a few times but I had to blink to be sure I was seeing the real thing when that famous little ship, the Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa, sailed past my kitchen window this week.

It was one of those startlingly clear days when the coast of Turkey appears to be just the other side of a deep blue swimming pool.

A lovely pink glow clearly highlighted the outline of the Taurus mountains, their peaks capped in snow. And there on the water sat the chubby little red-and-white seismic research vessel I have previously called Boaty McBoatface.

One curious aspect of living here is that one sees very little traffic on our portion of the east Med, so the sighting caused me a little ripple of excitement, especially as she was accompanied by a small Turkish naval vessel, a corvette I would guess, though I stand to be corrected by those with far better naval knowledge.

The sight of them reminded me that the much-vaunted discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the sea around us really could change Cyprus, and its “Problem”, forever.

The question is, are they a blessing or a curse?

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