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3,663 ...people in the TRNC have been diagnosed with cancer over the last five years

A LEADING doctor is calling for urgent government action to reduce the number of cancer deaths in the TRNC as it emerged that 3,663 people in the country had been diagnosed with the disease over the last five years.

3,663 ...people in the TRNC have been diagnosed with cancer over the last five years

Head of the Doctors Association, Dr Özlem Gürkut, called for what she said was a long-awaited Centre for Cancer Monitoring, Inspection and Training to be established, highlighting that although the number of cancer deaths was in line with the EU at around 200 per 100,000 of population, it was the second most deadly disease in the country. "We need a national polıcy and programme to tackle cancer in the TRNC as soon as possible," she said in a statement to mark February 4, World Cancer Day.

Dr Gürkut also hit out at a lack of controls to ensure that no-smokıng areas were respected as such, adding her voice to those of doctors around the world in confirming that tobacco use was the major cause of cancer. "Despite the law that is in force, a ban on smoking in closed public areas is widely breached on a daily basis," she said. "Inspections and sanctions are proving insufficient and should be increased."

Apart from her call for action to tackle cancer, Dr Gurkut also accused the government of "breaking promises" to provide vaccinations that would protect the public from diseases such as Hepatitis B.

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