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Akıncı slammed for calling for a census

Former parliamentary Speaker Sibel Siber has told Mustafa Akıncı to “use his powers” as president rather than act like an “opposition” leader.

Akıncı slammed for calling for a census

Dr Siber voiced her criticism after Mr Akıncı made a fresh call on Wednesday for a “serious, reliable population census” to avert “chaos” in the country and ensure “unity”, commenting that “despite being factored into last year’s budget, [a census] was not held due to the economic crisis — but definitely must be carried out”. Mr Akıncı was himself responding to a statement in Parliament by Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars, who added to conflicting information by telling MPs that the registered TRNC population was 374,299 — of whom 252,497 were TRNC citizens and 121,802 were living legally in the country with some form of permit

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