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Astrid gains 'tonnes' of followers

A LOGGERHEAD turtle has won a following of hundreds as it was tracked to Haifa, Israel, last week and off Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Thursday following its release back into the sea at Güzelyalı beach last month.

Astrid gains 'tonnes' of followers



Astrid, aged around 30, was rescued four years ago off Horseshoe Bay near Kayalar by Society for the Protection of Turtles (Spot) Alagadi volunteer Jason Savage.

He and two volunteers from Koruçam on jet skis saved the creature after it sustained human-inflicted injuries, including a fractured skull.

The turtle was sent to the Near East University Animal Hospital (NEUAH) for intensive treatment and later to the Taşkent Nature Park for a long rehabilitation as it was unable to dive.

“A lot of patience was required for Astrid to overcome brain injury and an infection to dive again,” Taşkent Nature Park biologist Nazım Kaşot said.

Taşkent Nature Park head Kemal Basat was said to be “jubilant” about his protégée’s progress after four years in North Cyprus rehabilitation at Taşkent’s Cyprus Marine Life Centre and NEUAH and assistance from Karşıyaka Turtle Watch.

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