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City walls crumbling

AT LEAST half a million euros in European Union (EU) funding has been allocated for conserving the TRNC potion of the capital's Venetian walls, it has been revealed, amid concerns that the historical structure is crumbling.

City walls crumbling


Turkish Cypriot co-chairman of the bicommunal Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay confirmed work was imminent after a large section of the 16th century defensive walls, part of Quirini Bastion near the TRNC Presidential Palace, collapsed last Friday.

It came after repeated warnings that the walls were not being adequately maintained, and two earlier similar collapses in the Arabahmet quarter of the “old town”.

The Presidency said in a statement on Tuesday that initial expert assessment suggested years-long accumulation of damp within the walls was to blame for Friday's collapse, and that protection was “a duty which could be no longer delayed”.

Mr Tuncay told Cyprus Today on Tuesday the committee had decided to take up conservation of the historic walls as an “emergency case” following the latest incident. 

He confirm their experts had also pointed to humidity as the likely cause but would draw up a detailed report on which to base a plan of action, and the committee would do its utmost, with other relevant bodies, to overcome whatever problems were identified.

However Mr Tuncay said the decay of the walls was the result of a years-long failure to maintain.

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