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Deported Brit found guilty in UK

A BRITISH fugitive who was deported from the TRNC to the UK last year has been found guilty of the 2016 murder of kick-boxer and alleged drug trafficker George Barker, London’s Met Police announced.

Deported Brit found guilty in UK



Charles Edward Riddington, who lived in İskele for eight months under the alias Ricky de Bruin, reportedly showed no emotion and said “I hope you are satisfied” as he was led from the dock at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

He was remanded into custody to be sentenced on September 20.

The former Millwall FC youth footballer, 37, reportedly ambushed George Barker with three other men at the Double K martial arts gym in Bexley, south London, and stabbed him 17 times over a £20,000 debt.

The court heard how he had lay in wait “with his hood up wearing goalkeeper gloves”, which he denied, before the brutal attack took place after the victim produced a lock knife during an argument.

Two witnesses failed to appear in court.

Barker, 24, father to a five-day-old daughter, was also an alleged cocaine dealer in South-East England with contacts in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. 

Riddington claimed self-defence after challenging Barker that “he owed money to three big drug dealers” but failed to name them during the trial for “fear of reprisals”.

He had fled the UK, allegedly as Barry Ryan, one of 14 known aliases, for Düsseldorf, Germany and then South Africa before using a fake Namibian passport to enter North Cyprus on Boxing Day, 2017, and growing his hair to avoid detection.

“A significant amount of money” and 14 fake passports were reportedly found at his İskele home on his arrest in August 2018, as reported at the time by Cyprus Today.

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