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'E-population' project to record people in TRNC

AN “E-POPULATION” project is under way to record digitally all those living in the TRNC

'E-population' project to record people in TRNC

Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars confirmed this week in the wake of recent controversy over outdated and conflicting figures.

Ms Baybars said on a BRT television programme that the project was being conducted under the umbrella of a 10-year-old Prime Ministry scheme. Once completed it would mean digitised personal data being available to all ministries via the “e-government” portal, doing away with the need for providing photocopies of documentation such as ID cards and birth certificates and speeding up “transactions” at departments including the Tax Office and Land Registry.

She said the recording would be followed by creation of a “spatial” register of residents' physical addresses. A satellite-produced panoramic map of the country and necessary software had been produced and fieldwork was being carried out, as well as training for relevant staff of all municipalities, she said, and it was hoped to complete preparations by the end of the year in readiness for “synchronising” the two sets of records.

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