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'Eat for Tulips'

A THOUSAND plates of pasta were sold at the long-awaited Pasta Marathon organised by the Veni Vici Restaurant in Lapta. The food frenzy helped to raise xxxx for local charity, Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).

'Eat for Tulips'

Photo By: Brian Joyce

Staff donned “Eat for Tulips” t-shirts, and welcomed customers to whom they served four different types of pasta dishes: carbonara, with meatballs, a vegetarian option, and chicken and mushroom. The huge turnout overflowed the restaurant, so extra seating was provided and set up by the municipality and in the neighbouring car park, thus enabling all who wanted to join in.

The day also saw entertainment provided by live performers including Gavin Simons, Laura Özkerimler, Katie B and Wonky Donkey. Bayrak Radio also broadcast live from the event.

Six sponsored “tossers”: Brian McCreath, Les Moody, Chris Martin, Steve Gittins, Steve Male and Clive Seager, who also helped with the cooking on the day despite having only signed up for an hour of tossing, managed to raise 10,000TL for Tulips.

Read the full article in Cyprus Today...In shops or on PressReader.

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