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Emotional farewell to ‘first lady’

Beyond the public figure she became, Uğur Karagözlü recalls the Aydın Denktaş he came to know and love.

Emotional farewell to ‘first lady’

Aydın Denktaş was the longest “serving” first lady that we ever had. Albeit a reluctant one. And a very tragic one.

She was in her mid-teens when she wed President-to-be Rauf Denktaş, but they had been “promised” to each other from the day she was born.

They were related — the grandchildren of two sisters — and Mrs Denktaş said in an interview: “The day I was born I was put on Rauf’s lap, and he was told, ‘here is your future wife’.
For as long as I can remember, I was his fiancée, student, wife, life companion.”

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