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Gemikonağı, Gaziveren coastline facing an 'environmental disaster'

THE coastline between Gemikonağı and Gaziveren is facing “environmental disaster” in the wake of heavy winter rains, it was claimed this week.

Gemikonağı, Gaziveren coastline facing an 'environmental disaster'

Photo By: Güren Tilki

Local residents, who asked not to be named, said the area, known for its unspoiled natural beauty, had become little more than a “virtual rubbish heap”.

Heavy rain that flowed through the streams and reservoirs all the winter have brought all manner of debris down from higher ground and into the sea, it was said, and this was now being washed back ashore by the waves.

The detritus even includes a car swept out to sea when the Gemikonağı dam overflowed in mid-January amid widespread flooding, and which is now rusting and filled with rubbish on the shoreline.

“This view has remained the same since January but it's apparently invisible to officials,” commented one resident.

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