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Government asks public to report flouters of smoking ban

Members of the public are being asked to “shop” businesses and employers — including government departments — which flout no-smoking laws, as a part of a new crackdown by health chiefs, almost 10 years after the ban was introduced.

Government asks public to report flouters of smoking ban

Smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces was made illegal in October 2008, although the ban was not fully implemented until January 1, 2010.

Health Minister Filiz Besim announced this week that teams of inspectors would be sent out on a regular basis to enforce the law, which she said was the “primary responsibility” of her ministry.

“The inspections held since Monday in all enclosed areas include places such as the Tax Department and [electricity authority] KıbTek and they will continue to be done regularly,” she said. Dr Besim said a team of 18 inspectors from the Basic Health Department would work in shifts around the country to carry out checks on public sector work places during the day and at “leisure venues” — such as restaurants, cafés, casinos, bars, discos and nightclubs — at night.

She also called on the public to “support the action” by informing the Health Ministry about potential culprits by making a complaint through its official website or by calling (0392) 228 3173.

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