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Govt destroys truck-loads of badly stored, outdated and unlablled medicine

EIGHTY-truck loads of outdated or unlabeled medicines have had to be destroyed due to inadequate storage records, it emerged last week.

Govt destroys truck-loads of badly stored, outdated and unlablled medicine

In making the announcement on Tuesday, Health Minister Ali Pilli said: “It is as unacceptable that so much medicine was wasted due to negligence but there was no alternative to destroying it because purchase dates, contents and expiry dates were all unknown.

“We are now carrying out works to make an existing automation system more efficient which will allow us to establish proper controls in the warehouse and ensure that no such wastage occurs in future.”

Former Health Minister Filiz Besim confirmed that there had been a historic problem involving record-keeping of medicine stocks, saying: “There have been thousands of outdated medicines in the warehouse, hospitals and in health centres since 2012.When we were running the ministry, dealing with the problem was one of our main priorities.”

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