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Groups attack govt's planned price hikes

SUPPORTERS of a planned protest against road tax increases and other price hikes introduced at the start of January have attacked the National Unity Party-People’s Party coalition.

Groups attack govt's planned price hikes

A statement from the Left Movement’s Abdullah Korkmazhan said his organisation supported the demonstration in Lefkoşa on Wednesday, initiated by an online group under the name “No roads, no road tax”.

He called on members of the public to join the protest, scheduled to take place at the capital’s bus terminal at 6pm. The demonstration, which has received support from 30,000 people on social media, had been due to take place last Wednesday but was postponed because of bad weather.

Mr Korkmazhan said that there was “no public service return” for the money collected by the state through taxes and charges.

“The failure of the government to invest in the simplest road projects [has] resulted in the deaths of many,” he claimed as he urged that He all New Year price hikes to be withdrawn.

The Independence Path said in a statement that the rise in road tax and the cost of obtaining a driving licence came as foreign exchange rates were increasing and when consumer purchasing power had fallen “considerably”. 

The country is going through a “major economic crisis” and the government “has to take measures against it”, the statement added.

Revolutionary Communist Union general secretary Yusuf Alkın said in a statement that a “distorted system” had been created in North Cyprus over the years, causing a “deep breakdown” for which “all the past and present governments were responsible”.

“In spite of charges for everything, the simplest infrastructure investments are not being made,” Mr Alkın said. He also voiced support for Wednesday’s demo.

Civil Aviation Workers’ Union chairman Cem Kapısız accused ministers of “trying to achieve development through price hikes”.

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