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Homeowners protest to save their properties from auction

ONE hundred placard-waving protesters turned out in Lapta on Sunday in support of homeowners fighting to save their 13 properties from being sold at auction to pay off a £300,340 developer's debt.

Homeowners protest to save their properties from auction

Greatstone 2 homebuyers Charles and Agnes Callaghan, Peter and Sandra Green, Barry Price, John and Liz MacDonald and Bridget Tuxford and Yusuf Işık joined supporters for the sale at Lapta's Cumacı coffee shop, which had originally been scheduled for June.
Local TV cameras filmed the gathering as the owners waited anxiously until noon, but no bids were submitted.
Glasgow-born Mr Callaghan, 61, said: "We paid for our houses and this is just not right. We went to the Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş for help. 
"He tried to help us but was unsuccessful and now he is in Crans-Montana while we are standing here to protect our homes.
"His aides told us that if the sale does not go through today, he will do his best to support us."
Mr Callaghan purchased his house in 2006 for £130,000 before laws were changed to require liens and mortgages on sites to be registered at the Land Registry in 2007.
Buyers were unaware that Greatstone 2 developer Taşer Niyazi Hilkat had an agreement with landowner Bülent Yüksekbaş which included a private lien on the entire site to guarantee his own deal for six houses.
Mr Hilkat returned to the UK before completing the work and is believed to be living in the Manchester area.
A 2004 court case at the Girne District Court found in favour of Mr Yüksekbaş, leaving English homeowners to foot the bill, a decision which was upheld on appeal. Owners complained at the time that they had been unable to put their case.

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