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KAR 'superheroes'

FIVE volunteers at the Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) centre in Arapköy were hailed as “superheroes” after they put their own safety at risk to save cats from a sparking power line.

KAR 'superheroes'

The cable was brought down by a large tree branch that crashed onto the cattery during strong winds on Monday afternoon.

Four KAR volunteers decided to take matters into their own hands by evacuating the cats to safety due to the risk of fire, after emergency services and Kıb-Tek electricity authority engineers failed to turn up.

A fifth volunteer, Ian Jones, decided to climb onto the cattery roof to protect the building and prevent a fire from breaking out.

Following four hours spent there Mr Jones and two others were able to remove the entangled cable and cut the branch after Kıb-Tek shut off the power supply remotely.

“These five members of staff prevented a potential tragedy at the centre and words of thanks are not enough, but it is all we have,” a KAR spokesperson said.

“Their dedication to the animals at the centre was phenomenal. With risk to their own safety, they battled to save the cattery and potential spread of a devastating fire . . . we use the term ‘KAR heroes’ a lot, but this is superhero status for these five members of the KAR family.”

A spokesman for the Taşkent Nature Park said they have the manpower and equipment to “lend a hand” in such situations and can be notified on their 1190 helpline.

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