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Karpaz protesters march to TRNC parliament gates

KARPAZ protesters converged on Parliament and ministries after calling off a march from the peninsula on last Wednesday when protesters fainted and one man collapsed.

Karpaz protesters march to TRNC parliament gates



Yenierenköy Mayor Emrah Yeşilırmak had headed flag-waving protesters on the initial 24km leg of a planned five-day march in scorching temperatures “for the future of our youth and the Karpaz region”.  

But they changed tack after reaching Ziyamet when Salih Cil Muskuri was taken to hospital with heatstroke.

The Bafra beach road junction was blocked by the protesters' bus before being removed early on Thursday morning, when Mr Murskuri was also allowed home.

Mr Yeşilırmak told Cyprus Today: “We are deeply upset and have decided with the 28 muhtars to camp outside the ministries of the Interior and Transport and Public Works and the Prime Ministry . . . until we get results.”

The fresh protest began yesterday morning with marchers heading first to Parliament and then laying black wreaths at the Transport and Public Works Ministry and the Prime Ministry, where they met Premier Ersin Tatar.

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