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Man contracts leishmaniasis

AN ALSANCAK man is being treated for the cutaneous form of leishmaniasis at Lefkoşa State Hospital after a sandfly bite on his finger failed to heal.

Man contracts leishmaniasis




It is believed to be the first case in Alsancak, following cases in Lapta and Esentepe.

The man’s daughter, legal secretary EdaÇerkez, told Cyprus Today this week that her 82-year-old father, Mustafa Çerkez, was bitten on the finger about four months ago.

“He developed itching and blisters and when it failed to heal and he felt unwell, he went to the chemists who told him it was an allergy and gave him some powder to put on it.

“Three months later he finally went to the doctor who suspected leishmaniasisand [private] lab tests confirmed that he had the disease of the skin which, luckily, is the milder form.

TRNC Health Ministry Basic Health Services Department head Çığdem Çağa told Cyprus Today yesterday that five cases of leishmaniasis had been confirmed.

“Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a stubborn condition requiring extended treatment but there is in no way an epidemic,” she said.

“We are currently treating five cases and organise the necessary spraying [of insecticide] in relevant areas.

“This is a notifiable disease of which records are kept.”

Explaining howleishmaniasiscan be transferred to humans, Petline vet Niyazi Çelebi said: “Humans do not catch this disease from dogs, who are victims, like us,of the bite of an infected sandfly.

“I estimate that 40 per cent of the dog population of the Girne area are infected.”

Dogs are much more at risk than humans according to Kyrenia Animal Rescue head Margaret Ray.

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