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Meryem, Mehmet sentenced to life for 2018 murder

A COUPLE were sentenced last friday to life for the murder of a man in Alsancak in March 2018 – after relatives of the perpetrators were arrested for causing a fracas outside the courthouse.

Meryem, Mehmet sentenced to life for 2018 murder

The sentencing of Meryem and Mehmet Doğu took place after the pair were convicted of the premeditated murder of Memduh Ulugün – who was stabbed six times on an empty plot of land near his house – at Girne Assizes Court on Monday.

Under the TRNC Penal Code, those sentenced to life in prison for crimes such as murder must serve at least 33 years and four months behind bars, which includes an automatic one-sixth reduction off a 40-year “base”.

Speaking during Monday’s hearing, Judge Nüvit Gazi Hacı said that the murder had been planned and referred to “contradictions” in Mrs Doğu’s statements that she had been raped by the victim, a claim rejected by the court. There had been “no forced sexual relationship”, the judge stressed.

The husband and wife returned to the court yesterday for sentencing under the protection of riot police following chaotic scenes outside the courthouse at the start of the week.

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