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'More police are needed with rising crime wave'

MORE police should be recruited to combat the TRNC’s rising crime wave, said the country’s Chief Judge, Narin Şefik.

'More police are needed with rising crime wave'

“There is such an increase in crime that police are having difficulty in trying to keep up with their existing number of staff,” Mrs Şefik told a BRT TV audience in a programme to mark the end of the yudicial year this week.

“There are many pending [reports to enable prosecutions] that the police are unable to deliver due to the staff shortages.

“We are working together with the Attorney General’s Office, which is fully independent, in order to achieve justice. That office sends to court the criminal cases and the trials take place in our courts. We have no problems in working together.

“Most complaints, however, come from Parliament and are generally about the failure to complete police investigations due to staff shortages and therefore not sending files to court.

“Over the years, there have been reports in the media about malpractice in public office . . . but all of these files should be prepared and brought before courts when there would be open hearings. Those files, however, do not reach us.”

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