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Municipality slammed for destroying protected plants

A TRNC municipality has been criticised for destroying protected sea daffodil plants by using a bulldozer to shift sand on a public beach.

Municipality slammed for destroying protected plants


After the Environment Protection Department inspected Kaplıca beach following work done there by Büyükkonuk Municipality, head of the Biologists' Union Niyazi Türkseven said: “It is a huge shame that a municipality would use a bulldozer with a scoop to flatten a sandy surface when it must have known that the plants were there.

“A municipality and the district office should be responsible for the protection of the environment as much as the general public, trades unions and associations. In our culture any action [against those who harm the environment] is very weak and such destruction will continue.”

However, head of the Environment Protection Department Abdullah Aktolgali denied that extensive damage had been caused to sea daffodils when the work had been carried out near a caravan park, despite social media claims of “an environmental massacre”.

“Immediately we were informed about the situation by environmentally aware people we met municipality authorities and inspected the site,” he said.

“We found that only a few sea daffodils had been accidentally stepped on during the work.”

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