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New bush cricket species named after TC professor

A TURKISH Cypriot professor based in Turkey has discovered a new species of bush cricket which has been given his name.

New bush cricket species named after TC professor

Professor Bayram Göçmen found the insect, now named Bradyporus gocmeni, at a height of 2,000 metres on the Kartevin mountain between Muş and Ağrı in the eastern Anatolian region of Turkey.

The Limassol-born herpetologist and nature photographer was in pursuit of a Wagner's viper when he noticed the bush cricket and sent his find to Professor Mustafa Ünal, an expert at the Abant İzzet Baysal University.

His find was confirmed as the first record in the region and an official revision was made.

The Ege University Faculty of Science zoologist has also documented 60 new sub-species during extensive field work in Turkey.

His name has been given to two types of salamander, Lyciasalamandra antalyana gocmeni and Lyciasalamandra atifi bayrami; a protozoa, Nematocystis bayrami; an endemic scorpion species, Euscorpius gocmeni; an endemic spider, Typhlonesticus gocmeni; and the “almost endemic” bush cricket, Bradyporus (Callimenus) gocmeni.

Prof Göçmen photographed and documented the amphibian and reptilian fauna of his home island from 1989 to 1995, describing it as "a nature heaven and a transition zone between three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa”.

He said: "Protecting an important part of the environment, our fauna and flora, and providing the means for the natural propagation of these species are some of our most important missions.”

Three types of frogs and toads, 11 lizards, three turtle species and 10 types of snake were identified on the island during his study.

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