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'New vision' for Kıb-Tek

THE state-run electricity authority, Kıb-Tek, is set to undergo a restructuring as part of Economy and Energy Ministry efforts to strengthen its “accountability, transparency and efficiency” for “the public good” – but privatisation has been ruled out.

'New vision' for Kıb-Tek

A “new vision” for the authority was announced on Wednesday by Economy and Energy Minister Hasan Taçoy, who held a press conference at which he read out a joint statement saying three “relevant bodies” – the ministry, Kıb-Tek, and electricity workers’ union, El-sen – had reached agreement over how to address problems with the authority’s “unsustainable” existing structure.

Addressing reporters accompanied by his undersecretary, Şahap Aşıkoğlu, ministry directors, Kıb-Tek board head Erdal Onurhan and deputy head Yusuf Avcıoğlu, Mr Taçoy said Kıb-Tek had been “rendered unsustainable administratively, financially and technically”.

“It is our responsibility to run the authority for the public benefit and we won't make any excuses,” he said.

“The main target needs to be [Kıb-Tek's] reorganisation while we are working on finding short- and long-term solutions to make it an authority generating sustainable power.”

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