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Noise regulations causing confusion

Summer season entertainment has sparked the first 2018 complaints from expats in Girne and Karakum — as draft sound regulations drawn up for the 2012 Environment Law still await appraisal at the Prime Ministry.

Noise regulations causing confusion

By Anne Canalp

Head of the Prime Ministry’s legal department, Müge Tunçbilek, said: “We have received two sets of regulations from the EPD, one for music venues and another for all sound pollution, including music venues.

“I have taken a preliminary look at the paperwork and will give it priority but there is some confusion over which of the two documents is the latest version, and this should be ironed out on Monday.”

Once the draft regulations have been checked for legality, they will be passed to the Council of Ministers for approval — almost certain to mean any change in regulations will come too late for the upcoming Bayram holiday.

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