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Özersay: Life is back to normal after army depot blasts

LIFE in Çatalköy is “back to normal” Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Kudret Özersay declared on last Thursday

Özersay: Life is back to normal after army depot blasts

Issuing a statement after chairing a “crisis desk” meeting, Dr Özersay said there was “no extraordinary situation” in the Çatalköy region.

Precautions have been taken, however, including an indefinite ban on the use of fireworks and “similar activities” in the area, which has also been closed to hunting, he said.

Military teams were “continuing to work together with a search team and a bomb squad team in the event of the possibility of unexploded objects”, Dr Özersay said.

A team of experts was also despatched from Turkey to aid in the search for unexploded ordnance, the minister added.

He warned residents in the vicinity of the blast zone not to touch any debris and instead report them to the following phone numbers: 0548 866 1488, 0548 865 7854, 0548 844 7042 or 0548 874 7042.

The incident could have been far worse, Dr Özersay suggested. “It was not the whole [of the] ammunition [depot] which exploded, but only a part of it,” he said.

“An important part of the ammunition was not damaged . . . life has returned to normal, and tourists continue to come and visit.”

Officials at the Foreign Affairs Ministry said they had contacted the representatives of 16 countries based on the island to provide reassurances on the situation of their citizens in the TRNC.

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