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Public 'losing sleep over noise issue'

A CLASSICAL musician and TRNC honorary attaché was heading a noise pollution demonstration in Girne last night ahead of the six-day Bayram holiday hotel entertainment programe which promises little peace for residents.

Public 'losing sleep over noise issue'

Turgay Hilmi said: “Greek Cypriots are trying to stop tourists from coming to North Cyprus hotels but our own sound pollution is having much more success.
“TripAdvisor complaints and letters of protest from tourists who have checked out of small hotels in Girne because they cannot sleep will do a much better job for our opponents. Oscar, Vuni Palace and High Life hotels have seen guests leave early and been forced to pay a 300 euro penalty.
“If a classical musician like myself has to lend their name to a protest, something must be wrong.”
He added: “Hotel sound equipment can deliver 130-142 decibels and it goes on until 4am. What gives a few hundred disco-goers the right to keep the entire neighbourhood awake in their own homes?”
He said music at one central Girne disco had been turned off at 4.20am, “and this cannot go on”.
“Large hotels, bars, cafés and weddings where you cannot even greet the bride for the noise are making our lives a misery across the country but especially from Ciklos to Çatalköy, in Karaoğlanoğlu and even in the elite neighbourhood of Köşklüçiftlik in the capital.”
The protest in the New Harbour area of Girne gained the support of presidential adviser Özdil Nami and MP Nazım Beratlı as well as scores of home-owners, one of whom had even installed double-glazing, but to no effect.
Ozanköy resident Çile Özşener said: “We cannot sleep on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays until 4am and if they are saying that the volume is turned down in the early hours, they must be joking.”
Despite years of protests by foreign residents and locals unable to sleep due to noise from Karaoğlanoğlu clubs, a 50-decibel limit at 250 metres from the venue laid down in new regulations drafted by the Environmental Protection Department has not yet been ratified.
The regulations were planned to be implemented at the start of the summer season.


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