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Rescue centre saves 13 endangered creatures since opening last year

A PIONEERING turtle rescue centre on the Karaoğlanoğlu coast has saved 13 of the endangered creatures since opening last year

Rescue centre saves 13 endangered creatures since opening last year

The Meritta Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre hosted its first training course for some 15 fishermen, with marine biologist Robin Snape telling them what to do if encountering turtles in distress, including cases of decompression when pulled from the deep while trapped in nets, or when hooked on lines.

Set up under an agreement between Merit Hotel and the Tourism and Environment Ministry in 2017, the centre began its work of treating injured turtles and returning them to the sea in May 2018, since when the 13 have been rescued, often after being accidentally netted or hooked by fishermen, and returned to the sea.

Another three are still being treated at the centre.

Dr Snape, of the North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Turtles (Spot) has been involved with the Meritta initiative since its inception as his team is constantly working to minimise accidental “bycatch” and injury of endangered marine creatures by the fishing industry.

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