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Rescued owls released back into the wild

NINE little owls have now been released back to the wild by the Taşkent Nature Park team after they were rescued from being sold on social media, from road accidents or after juvenile stranding.

Rescued owls released back into the wild

The scops owls were fed in special cages by staff using an “owl glove puppet” which was inserted through holes in the cage.

Wildlife rehab worker and organiser Ulaş Şeherlioğlu said: "Everyone thinks that they are so cute but we can't think like that. We never made eye contact with them to preserve their wildness.

"We fed the juveniles mice as they need to eat bones, but the older ones were fed live mice and rats in a special room to make sure that they had hunting skills to feed themselves before release.

"We breed the rodents ourselves."

The owls were released from cages at Taşkent Nature Park or to the area they were first found from an adaptive cage on wheels parked under trees or bushes, which was left open and in place for a few days.

Mr Şeherlioğlu added: "We reduce the amount of food before release and always leave the owls to decide when to leave from their open cage so that they can adapt slowly.

"Little owls are an excellent and natural control for our rodent and insect populations, but thanks to the constant use of chemicals and poisons in agriculture and baiting, we are not only hunting mice and rats, but we are also impacting the food source of the little owl, and many other species.

"Please, let's take care and reduce our use of chemicals."

Wildlife emergencies should be reported to the rehab team by phoning 1190.



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