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Rocket for media 'Lies'

TOURISM bosses have slammed false UK media reports claiming that a stray Syrian-launched missile crashed close to a North Cyprus area “popular with British holidaymakers.”

Rocket for media 'Lies'



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Remnants of the Russian-made S-200 missile plunged into south-facing mountain foothills during the early hours of Monday, causing no casualties or damage, although the sound of it exploding in mid-air was heard for miles around.

Tourism bosses were yesterday angry and defiant in the face of reports of the incident in the UK press.

Cyprus Turkish Travel Agents' Union (Kıtsab) head Erkan Kilim blasted as “completely untrue” suggestions the missile had “landed near tourists” and said: “Our country is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world.

“There have been no cancellations. This missile incident is a one-off and should not be treated as though it is a normal event in Cyprus.

“For any news outlet to report it as though tourists are in danger or that the missile fell near a popular holiday destination is a terrible example of reporting. This missile landed in the middle of a field in foothills far, far away from any tourist resort.”

John Aziz Kent, honorary president of the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers' Union (Kıtob), agreed the crash site was “nowhere near any tourism area”, but cautioned that the incident could stil cost North Cyprus a 20 per cent  slump in bookings.

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