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Russian school pupils, teachers carry out clean-up operation

CHILDREN and teachers from Girne’s Russian School took part in a clean-up operation organised by the religious foundation Evkaf’s “Goodness Volunteers” at a field near the Girne-Lefkoşa road.

Russian school pupils, teachers carry out clean-up operation



A bus was provided by the Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü to collect more than 15 children, and their teachers, who were all given plastic bags and gloves to use during the litter-picking exercise, which took place last Friday.

The group of around 30 collected 50 bags full of plastic rubbish and waste leftscattered on the ground before enjoying a picnic organised by Girne Goodness Volunteers project director OyaKutsal.

The school has previously taken part in other clean-ups, organised by A Clean Cyprus, at places such as Kaşgar Court in Girne and the Boğaz picnic area.

Volunteer Diana Suyunshalina said: “I always feel happy when I do something useful and, together with children of the Russian School, we did a clean-up.

“We want to say thank you to [Mr] Güngördü for providing us with a bus, bags and gloves; to [Ms] Kutsal. . . for organising a picnic for the children; to Tatyana Nikolaevna, the director of the Russian School; and to our children . . . who all did a great job.

Ms Suyunshalina said the group were deciding which area to clean up next and “continue with our activities”.


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