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Shark seen near N Cyprus shore

DON'T panic! That was the message to swimmers and beachgoers after a Cyprus Today reader spotted a shark in shallow waters.

Shark seen near N Cyprus shore



Photo: Dennis Ekins

Dennis Ekins snapped the sandbar shark off Akdeniz beach before it headed back out to sea, and said he felt “very lucky” to have seen it.

However experts said it was normal for the creatures to be seen in shallow waters at this time of year and assured bathers they were harmless – “here to breed not to feed”.

Shark species including also the shortfin mako, thresher and gulper can be seen throughout spring, from about March to May, during breeding and migration.

Biologist and marine researcher Robin Snape, who heads a major project on marine “bycatch”, said these species were “more endangered than turtles” and stressed that there was no need for alarm, with no record of any shark attack taking place around the island.

“We have a bunch of fishermen who are self-monitoring while fishing and let us know about the sightings of sharks alongside turtles and ray species,” he said.

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