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Shedding light on the past

THE TRNC’s first female Prime Minister and Parliamentary Speaker, Dr Sibel Siber, has spoken of her “pride and happiness” at being able to bring to light previously confidential records of peace negotiations that took place between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides between 1968 and 1974.

Shedding light on the past



Dr Siber, 59, spent over two years working on her 391-page book, Half a Century Around the Table: Minutes and Witnesses, a signed copy of which she recently presented to Kıbrıs Media Group Vice Chairman Nur Nadir during a visit to the Kıbrıs Media Group offices.

She gathered the previously unseen material for the book, edited by Bülent Fevzioğlu, using the authority given to her as Speaker, adding 210 pages of her own “evaluation and interpretations”.

The secret minutes of meetings and discussions that took place decades ago had been locked away in Parliament’s archives due to their sensitive nature.

“When I was the Parliamentary Speaker, I had this urge to read old official reports . . . and I was so affected by what I was reading,” Dr Siber said.

“I started to record them based on the authority I was given by the Parliament bylaw. I was overwhelmed with emotions.”

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