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St Andrew’s chaplain resigns

The chaplain of St Andrew’s Church, Reverend Wendy Hough, has resigned, according to a statement from the Archdeacon in Cyprus John Holdsworth.

St Andrew’s chaplain resigns

Releasing a statement on Sunday, Mr Holdsworth said administration of weddings at the Girne church “has not been treated with appropriate pastoral care” and he will soon meet with the Church Council to “look forward to the appointment of a successor”.

The announcement follows a series of questions which have been voiced about the church’s accounting and administration procedures, starting with a wedding file that went missing from the vestry, as reported by Cyprus Today in March.
“A catalogue of errors” was revealed in an investigation by the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf into the administration of weddings at the church.

Mr Holdsworth’s full statement:

The investigation that the Diocese has been conducting into the administration of weddings at St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia is now complete. It has revealed a catalogue of errors, though to the best of our belief there is no question about the validity of any wedding conducted here.
Nevertheless we are deeply disappointed that the administration of these important events in the lives of the couples and their families, has not been treated with appropriate pastoral care, and regret that the high standards we expect and demand from our clergy have not been met in these cases.

The Rev’d Wendy Hough has resigned with immediate effect. The archdeacon in Cyprus will be meeting with the Church Council in the near future to discuss the implications of this decision, and to look forward to the appointment of a successor.

It is unfortunate that accounts could not be produced for the Annual Chaplaincy Meeting, since this undoubtedly added to the general atmosphere of disquiet that has clouded the church for the past few weeks.

The reason is simple enough.

The treasurer underwent major surgery last year and during his absence assistants were responsible for using a new software system to make payments, and it has taken some time to ascertain that the correct codes were added to each payment.
The finalized accounts have now been passed to the Independent Financial Examiner for scrutiny. They will be presented shortly to the Church Council and it ought to be possible to hold an ECM before the end of the month.

Finally, I ask that you remember Wendy in your prayers. She has done much here that was worthwhile, and this is a difficult time for her.
Pray also for your wardens that they may be able to face the next few challenging months, strengthened by your support and continuing prayer.



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