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Students build homes for strays on campus

MORE THAN 100 cat homes have been made by the Near East University students who reside on campus to protect the stray cats from the wet and cold weather conditions.

Students build homes for strays on campus



The move came after officials and students who live in the halls of residence joined forces to make shelter for the cats by using large out of date water bottles, as part of a social-reposnibility project.

The shelters stuffed with blankets to keep the cats warm, have been placed around campus and have also been distributed to people who have requested one, for free.

Director of the halls, Recep Uğur Arslan, said: “With the winter season emerging, which has brought rain and very cold temperatures with it, in order for these small creatures to remain warm while living with us on campus, we launched the project.

“Together with the participation and contribution of both students and staff, we managed to collect more than 100 outdated water bottles.

“With this project we are also trying to raise awareness for the protection of animals during this time of the year and we are happy to provide these shelters to those who are in need of any.”

Meanwhile the Golden Paws Association has issued a statement urging people to open their doors to stray animals by allowing them to find shelter in their gardens or apartments during this cold winter season.

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