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Tatar under fire for 'words ban' on govt workers

PRIME Minister Ersin Tatar has come under fire for triggering action to ban government employees from describing Turkey’s presence in the TRNC as an “invasion” and “occupation”.

Tatar under fire for 'words ban' on govt workers


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Cyprus Turkish Teachers’ Union (Ktös) general secretary Şener Elcil accused Mr Tatar of “contravening” the right to freedom of expression and the Constitution after the PM lashed out at Mr Elcil following an interview he gave to online channel Mayıs TV last month.

During the interview Mr Elcil, in referring to the TRNC, commented: “This place is under the invasion and occupation of Turkey”.

Speaking to Cyprus Today yesterday, PM Tatar said that he was “outraged” by the remarks.

“I have instructed the Attorney General to make necessary changes to the law,” he said.

“Civil servants should not be able to describe Turkey as being an occupying force.

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