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TRNC's 34 govts in 36 yrs a 'world record candidate'

THE LATEST collapse of a TRNC government – the end of the 34th in 36 years – could make the country a candidate for the Guinness World Records book, according to one commentator.

TRNC's 34 govts in 36 yrs a 'world record candidate'

Economist Erdal Güryay also said constant changes of government would have a negative impact on relations between the TRNC and Turkey which could, in turn, have an adverse effect on the TRNC economy “which is dependent on Turkey”.

The four-party coalition government that surrendered the reins of power last week was formed following the January 2018 general election as a partnership between the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), People’s Party (HP), Democrat Party (DP) and the Social Democratic Party (TDP).

Another commentator, economist Derviş Kemal Deniz, said he believed the frequent changes of government were responspible for an erosion of public trust in politicians and had resulted in a lack of “administrative cohesion”.

“With every incoming government, policies and programmes change or are halted. What should actually happen is that new governments should be required to carry though those projects that they inherit which are in the public interest,” he said.

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