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Turkey to start drilling for gas 'further south'

TURKEY will drill for natural gas on behalf of the TRNC in five different locations within an area to the south of Cyprus, the country’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez has said.

Turkey to start drilling for gas 'further south'


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He said the drilling would be conducted in the TRNC’s “Lefkoşa-1” zone – which Greek Cypriot press claimed would be conducted by the Yavuz drillship and within “Block 8” of what the Greek Cypriot administration have declared as their “exclusive economic zone”.

The plots licenced for exploration by the TRNC to Turkey in “Parcel G”, about 100 nautical miles south of Limassol, overlap with blocks one, four, five, six, seven and eight of the Greek Cypriot administration’s licenced zones.

“Turkey will conduct drilling in the eighth parcel from January 18 to May 24,” Greek Cypriot media reports claimed.

Holding a press conference on Monday, Mr Dönmez said Turkey had already conducted drilling to the east of Cyprus. “Now, we will do the same in areas more south,” he said.

Mr Dönmez said the Yavuz drillship had been dispatched to the zone last Friday and is “in an area that has been licenced by the TRNC” and that Turkey plans to “conduct five drillings in the region this year”.

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