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Gülcan 'heads home' after rescue centre stay

MERITTA Turtle Rehabilitation Centre released their 10th rescue turtle

Gülcan 'heads home' after rescue centre stay


MERITTA Turtle Rehabilitation Centre released their 10th rescue turtle, Gülcan, at sunset on Monday after a three-week stay, as a 91-kilo green nesting turtle was brought in from Alagadi unable to dive on Sunday by student volunteers.

Net Holdings head Tibuk Besim welcomed guests and journalists to the release as Meritta Project director and biologist Selin Kara announced that the centre had treated 20 turtles in one year with an 85 per cent success rate and would work even harder in future.

Almost-drowned female green Gülcan was rescued at sea by fisherman Levent Çiftçi on May 12. After administering vital first aid, he delivered the turtle to the Meritta centre for care as it was unable to dive to depth. 

Meritta head Ms Kara said the project was indebted to “the University of Exeter researcher and member of the Society for the Protection of Turtles Dr Robin Snape and his Bycatch Fisheries team and our fishermen friends”, adding: “Our seaside activity is growing and is at its highest now during the May-to-October nesting season. We must use our beaches more responsibly and stop pollution.”

The biologist extended an open invitation to visit Meritta, on the shared coast of Merit Royal and Crystal Cove hotels, which is open from 11am until 6pm every day.

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