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Municipality restores water supply to Karaman village after completion of repairs

KARAMAN residents had their water tanks filled on Tuesday and Wednesday after mains pressure and full supply was restored following pump repairs by Girne Municipality.

Municipality restores water supply to Karaman village after completion of repairs


Parts of the village had received no mains water for around three weeks, with many homes there not easily accessible to water tankers.

Karaman Special Village Committee has now sent out a community email requesting residents to log cuts in supply and adequate or inadequate mains pressure to form the basis of “a structured, formal complaint” to the municipality.

A delegation of villagers including Bob McKnight, retired Director General of Water and Electricity in Oman, hope to discuss the long-term situation with Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü next week.

Village resident Les Evans said: "It turned out that the pump was faulty and I wish that we had been told that from the beginning. I was luckily getting water via my neighbour's hosepipe. Some people in the same street had water and some didn't.

"A municipality worker came and took the pump. We know that it was repaired because the municipality gave it to another resident who is an electrical engineer at a large hotel and who was asked to fix it".

Resident Keith Hutchinson said: "If the municipality could just tell us which days they can supply water, at least we could plan for it.

"There are probably around 50 people in the village at the moment but when everyone returns or comes out for holidays in September there will be much more demand".

Mr Evans added: "We have always drunk our local water here but a few people did get ill last year and supplies can be muddy.

"I would prefer to drink the traditional mountain water rather than be supplied from a pipeline and many other residents would agree with me".

A spokesman for Girne Municipality said that one of the two village water depots at Ciklos had been emptied and cleaned in preparation for the Turkish water supply.

Pipes were laid to the village last year but there is currently no way to pump water there.

TRNC Tourism Ministry official and Karaman Special Village Committee chairperson Mine Fedai said: "They do have water in the village now and I did my best to help them but work remains to be done".

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