Tourist fined 22,000TL for violating quarantine

  Apr 26, 2021 12:01 pm Ibrar Younas 1478
A “TOURIST” from Turkey was fined 22,000TL for breaking home quarantine rules, it was reported yesterday.

Tourist fined 22,000TL for violating quarantine

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The person, referred to by the initials BTY, had entered the country on Thursday and violated the “home quarantine requirement of children under 12 and their parents” multiple times, it was said.

According to a report from the DHA news agency, the person left their place of residence despite having signed a declaration at Ercan airport to abide by the rules.

BTY was caught after posting a picture “at my mother-in-law’s” on Instagram. The person also explained how they had circumvented the home quarantine system.

Realising what had happened, Health Ministry officials reported the Covid breach to the police. BTY was fined 22,000 TL – equivalent to five times the monthly minimum wage – and taken to a designated quarantine centre, DHA reported.

Under Article 36 of the Communicable Diseases Law, those who violate the rules of “quarantining at home with electronic wristbands” and who do not adhere to their signed declaration are deemed to have committed a crime.

The crime is punishable with a fine of up to five times the monthly gross minimum wage, a prison sentence of up to one year, or both.