Turtles 2 Council 0

  Jun 24, 2020 9:59 am Ibrar Younas 1953
A long-running battle over unsanctioned development at the Esentepe Municipality Beach took a new turn this week when work was again officially halted by a court order.

Turtles 2 Council 0


The Society for the Protection of Turtles received an official letter from Girne District Officer on Tuesday informing them that ‘your complaint over illegal excavation, construction and other activities at the Esentepe turtle nesting beach has been registered and the relevant court order has been issued.”

Dr Damla Beton said: “We now have one of the best directors of the Environmental Protection Department we have ever had and he is doing his job.”

Previous Girne District Officer, Mehmet Envergil, issued a court order to stop work in early November last year.

Fines were imposed against the Esentepe Investment Co-operative Ltd and five named individuals, including Mayor Cemal Erdoğan for ‘the filling, excavation and construction of a building, sports areas and terraces in a 2015 project which has not obtained permits from the relevant authorities.”

Work recommenced on the eve of the Bayram holiday last month but was stopped the same day by officials from the Environmental Protection Department and Girne District Office.