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Love island winner Kem to visit TRNC

TURKISH Cypriot Love Island winner Kem Çetinay is to visit the TRNC for a holiday, relatives have told Cyprus Today. The 21-year-old barber from Essex, who is of Turkish Cypriot descent, was among 12 single contestants taking part in the British dating reality show.

Love island winner Kem to visit TRNC


Mr Çetinay and his girlfriend Amber Davies were crowned winners of the programme and he was also awarded a cash prize of £50.000 – which he later shared with Ms Davies, according to UK media reports.

Love Island, was aired daily on ITV 2 between the end of June and last Monday and showcased “rollercoaster” relationships at a villa in Mallorca, with each of the contestants required to find their perfect partner.  Based on audience ratings, those who were not able to “couple-up” were dropped from the series.

During the first episode, Mr Çetinay described himself as “the naughty Turk” and said he was an emotional person when it came to relationships.

Kem’s TRNC relatives, cousin Julide and aunty Nulten (of Nulten Oral Hair Academy fame in

Alsancak) are proud of him and say he’s a lovely boy, but have yet to watch the programme.

Perhaps just as well. It’s hard viewing for those of us who’ve grown up in a more prudish way,

where sex is barely spoken about, much less thrust in your face

TRNC-based relative Nülten Oral, owner of Alsancak’s Nülten Oral Hairdressing salon, spoke of the pride she felt in her cousin, who she described as “a lovely boy,” saying: “We are really excited about the news, he deserved to win.  Knowing him, I expect the prize money will be used for his business as he always wanted to open his own salon.

“Whatever people saw on TV was genuinely how Kem is in person. Now that he is a celebrity in the UK, it’s hard for us to get through to him but we are thrilled to see him and the family when they come over for holidays. We are, however, opposed to him going to Ayia Napa, where they wish to promote him. We would much rather that was done in the TRNC”.

Mr Çetinay has an older brother İzzet and his parents Figen and Niyazi are regular visitors of the TRNC.

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