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Residency Ambiguity

A FULL public communications campaign should be launched to make foreign TRNC residents aware of rule changes due to come into effect on October 23, the head of the British Residents Society (BRS) has said.

Residency Ambiguity


Chief Reporter

BRS chairman Peter Wilkins told this paper that he was still “unsure” how the new residency permit system, previously reported by Cyprus Today, will work in practice following a meeting with Interior Minister Ayşegül Baybars.

The changes will mean that a previous “gentlemen’s agreement”, which excluded expat property owners over 60 from having to apply for residency permits, will be scrapped.

Foreign residents will now have to apply for permits on an annual basis if they are under 60. Over-60s will have to obtain a “temporary” 12-month permit, followed by a second application, which will also be valid for a year, said Immigration head Emre Hacılar, who was present at the meeting between the BRS and Ms Baybars.

After that, residency permits will be valid for two years, he said. However “ambiguities” remain over how the process will work in practice, according to Wilkins.

“We met with Ms Baybars and [Mr] Hacılar, where we discussed the concerns of the [British expat] community,” Mr Wilkins said.

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